The Chuvash people (Chuvash: чăваш; Russian: чуваши) are a Turkic ethnic group, native to an area stretching from the Volga Region to Siberia. Most of them live in Republic of Chuvashia and surrounding areas, although Chuvash communities may be found throughout the Russian Federation.

Chuvash is the most distinctive of the Turkic languages and cannot be understood by speakers of other Turkic tongues. Chuvash is classified, alongside the extinct languages Bulgar and Khazar, as a member of the Oghuric (Oghur) branch of the Turkic language family. It is the only language of this branch which is not extinct. The line of Oghuric languages by many historians traced is such: Xiongnu -> Huns -> Oghurs -> Chuvashes.

The Oghuric branch is distinguished from the rest of the Turkic family (the Common Turkic languages) by two sound changes: 'r' corresponding to Common Turkic 'z' (oghur vs oghuz (oguz)), and 'l' corresponding to Common Turkic 'ş'.

Chuvash is the native language of the Chuvash people and an official language of Chuvashia. It is spoken by 1,640,000 persons in Russia and another 50 thous. in other countries. 86% of ethnic Chuvash and 8% of the people of other ethnicities living in Chuvashia claimed knowledge of Chuvash language during the 2002 census. Despite that, and although Chuvash is taught at schools and sometimes used in the media, it is considered endangered, because Russian dominates in most spheres of life and few children learning the language are likely to become active users.

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Map and flag of the Republic of Chuvashia

Chuvash national costumes

Costumes of wedding

The Chuvash History by Shooroomboos >>

CHUVASH: Căvaš Tumĕ - Authentic Chuvash Clothes - XVIII-XX
Models wearing authentic Chuvash clothes of XVIII-XX centuries. Two major outfits are presented: maiden and married woman. Folk song "Beautiful" performed by artist Augusta Ulandina.

Сhuvash dance

Chuvashia and Chuvash people

The Day of Chuvash Republic. Folk group "Uyav"("Holiday")

Lyutmilă Jakkăvlĕvă - Juratu Jurri ("Song of love")

Şaval - Kĕşĕr văjlă şumăr şună - the song

The youth of Chuvashia

Flag of Chuvashia

Chuvash songs, music and dance

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