Attila the Hun and sword Escalibur (Excalibur)

Barbarian Emperor Attila has left many progenies. One of them quite possibly could be from love affairs with Roman princess (augusta) Honoria (Justa Grata Honoria), who was the sister of Emperor Valentinian III. Attila defeated more than half of Europe for achieving her hand. But most possibly he could seeking bride for some of his sons (Ellac or Dengizich, or another).

Emperor Attila the Scourge of God
Attila I Dulo, Emperor of all Barbarians

Justa Grata Honoria Emperor Valentinian III
augusta Justa Grata Honoria Emperor Valentinian III

Empire of Huns
Empire of the Huns 5th c.

Empire of Attila

Chaloin battle on Catalaunian Plains Huns attak

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After the death of Attila and, or his son, the secretary of Huns King by name Orestes has adopted a child of them and Honoria. Orestes by origin was from a Roman aristocratic family.
This child of Honoria was not the first, the early her child is probably was lost owing to the intrigues of her domineering mother Galla Placidia. The fate of the augusta Honoria after a their story with Attila is not known.

Orestes is probably was able to become the owner of the sword of Attila is known as a sword of the War God Mars (or Ares). This sword was lost by members of the genus As (Askil), who were a rulers of Scythian tribe Akazirs (Agathirs), is lost after their defeat by Attila. The real name of this sword was - an Askilibur - As-Kili-Bur(pur) - this by Chuvash means - the property of As family (As-kil). This sword was found by herders and presented to the Attila.

Askilipur sword (Excalibur)

Orestes raised a descendant of Attila on the Roman throne in Ravenna (455 y.). He named him Romulus Augustus, by the names of the founder of Rome and the first Emperor. But the young Emperor Romulus did not rule long times.

Romulus Augustus
Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus

Commander of the Imperial guard, consisting of the Huns, the Hun Odoacer (Ot-oghur - means by Chuv. - a fiery bull, or bullish boots) he wanted to take hold of a sword Askilibur. Odoacer overthrew a Romulus and killed Orestes.

Romulus Augustus and Odoacer
Romulus Augustus and Odoacer

Maybe Romulus managed to escape. He went to the island of Britain and became king there. He became famous by name Uther (Uter) that by Chuvash - a horseman, or Wuter - fiery, flaming, burning. Uther defended Britain against the invasion of the Germans and Saxons (Saka, Saces), possibly sent by Odoacer.

Thereby Uther, son or grandson of Attila, became the last Emperor of Rome and the first king of Britain.

The descendants of Uther (Wuter) were the king Arthur and his sister Organa, who known by Britons as Morgan Le Fay. The name of Arthur by Chuvash means as: Ar-Tur - a Man the God. Organa - Or-Qan - the noble queen.

king Uther and Huns knights
King Uther Pandragun and his Hunnic and Scythian knights

king Arthur & sword Askilibur

Where is this sword now, a sword of Attila, a sword of Mars, and sword of As dynasty (Askil, Esgil) - the sword Askilibur, most known by name a Excalibur (Escalibur), this is unknown. Probably lies at the bottom of some lake in Britain, for example Loch Ness, and there it is guarded by a dragon - Pendragon, by Chuvash a Pan-dragun - the Supreme (upper) dragon.

* At present, Shooroomboos working by creation of the novel "The sword of Attila", using this story, and also for other works (in Chuvash and Russian languages).

king Arthur the Chuvash

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